Shorts 2 + Q&A

April 2 @ 16:00 18:00 CEST

Shorts 2 (film programme) + Q&A

Location: Zaal | Times: 16:00-18:00Tickets: €7 @ Cinetol

content warnings for all films

Family Matters

Maximus Skaff | USA | 2022 | 23 min | English

A realistic look into the lives and relationships between sex workers and their family members. The documentary profiles four families who share about the struggles that got them where they are today and the unconditional love that allowed them to heal together.


Kateřina Turečková | Czech Republic | 2015 | 10 min | Czech with English subtitles

An intimate look into the relationship of two girls. One is a stripper and the other has a problem with it.

Sexarbeit und Beziehung (Sex Work and Relationship) 

Aaron und Pauli | Germany&Austria |2020 & 2021 | 27 min | German with English subtitles

Us sex workers have relationships and lovers just as other human beings. But often we find ourselves in situations where we have to educate our partners or are confronted with stereotypes regarding our work. This video is contributing to the reduction of prejudices and aims to support sex workers and their loved ones in being more open about the topic. We are autonomous people who made the choice to do sex work out of our own free will. Sexwork is work! Respect!


Charly Flyte | UK | 2023 | 9 min | English

In a glittering womb-like London dungeon, a dominatrix shares countless moments of seductive and sadistic kink with a regular client. But her head is somewhere else. As her routine repeats, session by session, she is triggered with memories and haunting flashbacks. With studded heels, whips and chains, she wonders whether her power is quite where it seems.

Content warning: BDSM, implied themes of coercion and abusive relationships

Every Day Burns

Aidan Jung & Tyler Murgo | USA | 2020 | 5 min | English 

Award winning pole dancer, Sada Velasquez, addresses the familial and social stigma she must overcome in order to pursue her passion for dance. Everyday Burns is a short documentary exploring one artist’s journey towards self expression and community empowerment. Every day Sada overcomes physical limitations, personal doubts and moral perceptions of others in order to create a safe space for folks to explore their sensual freedom.

Indélébile/Graffiti Politique 

Deep and Cheap Media & Equipe Ephemere | France | 2021 |  7 min | French with English subs

Paris, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, a social movement is raging. A feminist graffiti activist group prepares an action for the respect of whores.

Content warning: These films contain sexual contact and strong language.


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Shorts 1 + Q&A

April 1 @ 17:00 19:00 CEST

Shorts 1 (film programme) + Q&A – co-hosted by Kaboom Animation Festival

Location: Zaal | Times: 17:00-19:00Tickets: €7 @ Cinetol


Q&A with Dexter Boldewijn from Cupid into Transmutation

content warnings for all films

Sex(ual) Healing

Maximus Skaff | USA | 2021 | 22 min | English

An exploration into the healing powers of sex work from both client and sex worker perspectives. Through the first episode of this reality-focused and nuanced docuseries we will help millions of individuals better understand the complexity and diversity of sex work, recognize the harmful impact of existing laws, and change the way we talk about criminality, sex and consent. We aim to educate, raise awareness, and build an audience we can mobilize to defend the rights of sex workers across the country.


Elodie Dermange | CH | 2017 | 5 min | English

As she is showering, dressing, putting on her make-up, a woman bares her porn-loving soul. She speaks of her fears, her complexes, and the process of accepting – even loving – herself.


Jevon Boreland | Canada | 2018 | 10 min | English

Forget everything you heard and enter the world that many know of but know very little about. STRIPPED is the personal, untold story of Phylicia Carty, also known as Mz Lady Ice, whose life took her in the direction of becoming one of the most revolutionary urban exotic dancers in the Toronto adult entertainment industry. The enticing documentary showcases the struggles and triumphs that come with being a female stripper in a contemporary world that is now gaining mainstream acceptance.

Cupid Into Transmutation 

Dexter Boldewijn | NL  | 2022 | 13 min | English

The edgy and personal student film Cupid into Transmutation follows a transgender boy named Caesar living in a big city. On the run from his traumatic past, he tries to make a living as a camboy. Until he is suddenly sent into hysteria as his body starts to violently morph and transform beyond all recognition. Follow him in his search for acceptance and identity in this cruel world, focused on normality and outer beauty.

Lizzy and Seyyah

Kristian Petersen | Germany | 2018 | 10 min | German with English subtitles 

Lizzy and Seyyah fuck! 


Justin Ducharme | Canada | 2018 | 12 min | English 

A simple and naturalistic approach to a day in the life of a two-spirit, male sex worker as he visits his clients. Positions is an unapologetic and realist exploration of sexual desire, the quest for financial stability, and the pursuit of agency over one’s own body.

Happy Ending 

Ara Choi | UK | 2018 | 5 min | English with subtitles

Happy Ending is a poetic animated documentary based on an anonymous online testimony of a Korean sex worker. She is forced to have her body used by others for their own pleasure. She suffers. However, she explores her body and desire to abolish social prejudices against sex workers.

Content warning: These films contain sexual contact and strong language.


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