new sex worker film and arts festival !

We are starting a sex worker film & arts festival in Amsterdam! We screen movies, not only in Amsterdam. Check out our past screenings. By promoting visual arts about, with by and about the sex worker community, we hope to contribute to a greater visibility of a more nuanced representation of sex work. We are a group of (former) sex workers, feminists, queer and trans people from all different walks of life and backgrounds.


Our first collaboration was with TranScreen Film Festival! TranScreen has been adorning the Dutch cinema screens with a variety of genders since 2011. Vera and Alejandra -former TranScreen organiser and ambassador- introduced the documentary ‘The Journey of Monalisa‘, which follows Chilean sex worker and artist Iván Monalisa in New York.

On the first of August, we introduced ‘The Journey of Monalisa‘ on screen in VondelCS in Amsterdam, …our first live screening… again in collaboration with TransScreen and this time part of Queer Currents.

Teaser The Journey of Monalisa from MIMBRE Films on Vimeo.

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