sex worker film & art festival 31 March – 2 April 2023

Welcome to presents: Whorehouse Cinema! A brand new sex worker film & arts festival, serving you our first festival edition between 31 March and April 2nd 2023 at Cinetol in Amsterdam.  We are a collective consisting of (former) sex workers, feminists, queer and trans people from all different walks of life and backgrounds and […]

Peep Show Hoes

CINETOL: Courtyard Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

Unsolicited Brick Pick by Cece Monroe

CINETOL: lobby/cafe Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

If flashing your penis is an act of sexual violence, why are unsolicited “dick pics” so ubiquitous in our society? The disconnect between the body and the image of the body leads to a disconnect between the action of sending a dick pic and the responsibility for this action. This is due, in large part, […]


Opening Remarks + The Oleanders

CINETOL: Zaal Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

Opening words+ The Oleanders (documentary) + presented by TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival Location: Zaal | Times: 19:00-20:30 | Tickets: €7 @ Cinetol

Kenya + Intro & Performance by Papaya Kuir

CINETOL: Zaal Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

Location: Zaal | Times: 21:00-23:00 | Tickets: €7 @ Cinetol KENYA (documentary) Gisela Delgadillo / Mexico / 2022 / 88' / Spanish with English subtitles After witnessing the murder of her friend, Kenya, a trans woman sex worker, embarks on a path of struggle and search for justice that leads her to face the fear and […]

Responding to WRS: A Community-led Campaign (sex worker only workshop & brunch)

CINETOL: Zaal Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

A cross-organisational group of sex worker activists from SWAD (Sex Work Alliance Destigmatisation) joined an action group to develop a national campaign to respond to the imminent threat of a new set of regulations and legislation in the Netherlands (WRS). During this brunch we will come together for a workshop with sex worker advocates from […]

Erotic Self Portrait with Nat Portnoy

CINETOL: Tuinkamer Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

Nat Portnoy is a multidisciplinary, queer artist, filmmaker, and writer from Poland, based in the Netherlands. Her projects are based on theories of sociocultural construction, examining the cognitive processes of pleasure and its connotations with self-representation, identity, ritual, and the complexity of language used to express desire. In her artistic practice, she refers to existing […]

The Fabulous Ones

CINETOL: Zaal Tolstraat 182, Amsterdam

The Fabulous Ones (documentary/feature) + presented by TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival Location: Zaal | Times: 14:30-16:30| Tickets: €7 @ Cinetol The Fabulous Ones Roberta Torre | Italy | 75 min | 2022 | Italian with English subtitles It often happens that after death trans women are deprived of their identity. That's what happened to […]

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