past screenings


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past screenings

1 August 2021 introduced ‘The Journey of Monalisa‘ in VondelCS in Amsterdam, our first live screening… in collaboration with our friends at TransScreen and the screening was part of the Queer Currents programming.

Teaser The Journey of Monalisa from MIMBRE Films on Vimeo.

13-27 May 2021 we presented ‘The Journey of Monalisa‘ online at TranScreen Film Festival

After 17 years, Nicole Costa gets in touch with Iván Ojeda, her old Chilean friend from college. Back then he was a talented theater director and playwright, and now he has radically re-invented himself. She now goes by Monalisa and works as a sex worker on the streets of New York. Intrigued by this transformation, Costa decides to follow Iván Monalisa, a “gender-neutral two-spirit,” in their tough and vulnerable life filled with fleeting sexual encounters and addiction to hard drugs. Nonetheless, Monalisa remains a true artist and continues to write beautiful, raw pieces about life and survival in New York.