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Kissable Screens x presents! Down & Dirty DIY: Queer Sex Worker Porn | 15 June 20:30 @ CAVIA presents!

Down & Dirty DIY Queer Sex Worker Porn Shorts

15 June 20:30 @ CAVIA

42 min + Q&A | English

Tickets €5 (€0 with Cineville)

NO ADVANCED TICKETS: Tickets can be bought at the bar, half an hour before the film starts.

What happens when a queer sex worker collective is invited to curate a collection of porn shorts created by trans and non-binary sex workers? We invite you to come explore your ideas about porn, the sex work industry and body norms. A q&a will follow after the screening with some of the filmmakers from the NL-produced films. These were part of the Down & Dirty DIY workshop that was held with a group of Dutch-based sex workers who came together over a month-long workshop to produce queer porn. Their works premiered during a sold-out screening at the Porn Film Festival Amsterdam last February. This whore-y fantasy was dreamed up by queer sex workers Mercy and Vivi and was sponsored by; a Dutch-based group of (former) sex workers, feminists, queer and trans people who organise events on the topic of sex work with the aim to destigmatise sex work through more nuanced and diverse representations. 

Programme here.

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