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Porn ShorTs at TranScreen Film Festival (18-21 May 2023)
Allow yourself to be surprised by this year’s collection of porn shorts, curated by us for TranScreen<3. With pleasure we will treat you to an hour of porn shorts with a focus on sex work and trans desire. Sit back, relax, and enjoy..

FRIDAY 19 MAY 2023 – 00:00-01:15 @ KRITERION / Tickets HERE

+Q&A with Bear Silver (co-director of EXXXtasy)

1. Baby

2018, Germany, 8 min, Evie Snax, English with English subtitles

What does it look like to fall in love through the lens? Pull up for front row seats to a passionate and undeniably vulnerable solo strip tease to make your heart melt. An epic portrayal of trans feminine vibrancy and unadulterated creative expression, Baby captures a conversation between muse and camera unlike any other. Performed by playful movement artist Manon Praline, captured by Evie Snax, and set to an ephemeral score by Azaadi pop star Kohinoorgasm; Baby is a portrait of queer romance, obsession, radical self acceptance, freedom, and lesbionic vanity. 

2. My Garage, My Rules

2020, Germany, 10:44 min, Manon Praline, French with English subtitles

Another day of work at the girls’ garage.

3. Full

2019, USA, 14 min, AORTA films, English

Shay Knox and Mahx Capacity are two of the hottest femmes we know. They nerd out about the complex joy of fat femme sex and identity over a juicy pomegranate, and then dive enthusiastically into fucking, fisting, and ferocious orgasms. These babes are eloquent, full of desire, and are generous enough to let us in on the big secret.

4. Exxxtasy

2022, Netherlands, 9 min, Emy Fem & Bear Silver, no dialogue

Exxxtasy is an abstract composition featuring an array of bodies, sensations and possibilities, presenting a collage of 3 sexual fantasies set in an experimental dreamscape. The film playfully explores role play and BDSM, celebration and perception, often blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, tenderness and brutality, pleasure and pain. Birthday cakes really can make dreams come true.

5. Batidinha de Fruta 

2022, Brazil, 17:39 min, Production company: EdiyPorn, Director: Hiperlinque, Portuguese with English subsBetween fruit and kisses, Cyber heats up the ass of Gabs with slaps and a spanking. Sucking and with deep touches, Cyber takes their partner to ecstasy.

6. In the Dark

2018, Germany, 4:28 min, Rory Midhani, English

Beyond the glare of streetlights, neon signs and policemen, there’s another world taking shape in the shadows and the music gets louder as you approach.