about us

we are a group of (former) sex workers, feminists, queer and trans people from all different walks of life and backgrounds.

Alexis Wilson Briggs is a Programme Associate at Red Umbrella Fund. She was formerly a criminal defense attorney in the United States, providing pro bono representation to activists, and worked in drug policy harm reduction for over 20 years. She is a former sex worker, a prison abolitionist, and mother. The possibility to combine sex work activism and culture adds value to our society.

Vera Rodriguez has combined peep shows, strip clubs, photography and sex workers’ rights activism for more than a decade. She is a cast member of the Sex Workers Opera and works at the Red Umbrella Fund. Vera has screened sex worker films on a few occasions and is happy to take this to the level with the festival.

Majk Mirković has done over 10 years of LGBTQ+ community festival organizing and has 8 years of production experience in the professional film, tv and festival industry. They are co-founder of TranScreen Film Festival and currently work for Mama Cash. Majk has lived experience as a refugee, is trans/non-binary/queer identified and has been involved with various LGBTQ+ artistic projects, mainly based on inclusive, intersectional and grassroots values. Sex workers’ stories have always been key part of the trans representations, which Majk has supported in giving platforms.

Plette ter Veld has a long history as an activist, starting at the end of the eighties in Act Up! in Amsterdam, more recently they have participated in trans and sex worker activism in Turkey. Plette is educated as a visual artist and has organised arts/film festivals, they have co-founded TranScreen and work as an Privacy Officer at an university. Plette took the lead in the sex work programming at TranScreen. Since many transpersons in comparison to cispersons work as sex workers, a lot of submitted movies were about or contained trans sex work and that inspired Plette to give these films a bigger platform.