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Unsolicited Brick Pick by Cece Monroe

March 31 @ 18:00 April 2 @ 22:00 CEST

A response to male sexual violence in the digital age.

Friday 31 March 18:00-23:00

Saturday 1 April 12:00-22:00

Sunday 2 April 12:00-20:30


If flashing your penis is an act of sexual violence, why are unsolicited “dick pics” so ubiquitous in our society? The disconnect between the body and the image of the body leads to a disconnect between the action of sending a dick pic and the responsibility for this action. This is due, in large part, to the tacit social acceptability of “dick pics”, it seems more acceptable to send a “dick pic” than to flash somebody.

Masculinity has long been associated with penises. In this way, sending a “dick pic” can be viewed as a display of masculinity. This displaying of masculinity is frequently done without context, this causes the receiver of the “dick pic” to be immediately aware of their own objectification by others. Conversations opened with a “dick pic” are an immediate display of violence and objectification; analogous to having a brick thrown through your window.

Through unsolicited Brick Pic, I explore this disconnect between the physical world and the online world. By printing the “dick pic” onto a physical object, I bridged the divide between the two worlds: reconnecting the violence of flashing with the sending of a “dick pic” online.

A brick is not just a symbol of permanence and strength but also a symbol of oppression and resistance, especially to the queer community. “According to legend, it was a piece of brick hurled at
police officers outside of the Stonewall Inn that sparked the historic uprising.” Using a brick recognises the prevalence of unsolicited (1) dick pics in the queer community. Highlighting this further, I chose to work with queer models, all of whom spoke to me about their experiences of receiving unsolicited “dick pics”.

(1) Smith, R. (2020) Who threw the first brick at stonewall? A final and definitive answer to the internet’s favourite question, PinkNews. Available at: (Accessed: November 19, 2022).

I hope viewers of my work walk away more aware of the subtle forms of sexual violence that are common place in our society.

CINETOL: lobby/cafe

Tolstraat 182
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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